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     A message from our Camp & Curriculum "Guru" Greg Evans:

We have created a full line-up of workshops, camps and retreats to improve the lives of your students and staff.

Whether you are looking to improve a student's academic skills, upgrade life-skills, create teamwork or re-energize your staff, the Gear Up for Excellence team of trainers can help you get  great results.                                                                                                       
Our Youth Camps and Curriculum are serving over 500,000 teens a year worldwide.  I lead a training team that creates powerful programs that get dynamic results.

Our experiential methods utilize games, role-plays and simulations to fully engage students in the learning process.

We are able to accelerate along the learning curve, achieving tangible improvements in very short spans of time.

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If you have any questions or comments, please contact us directly at:
Tel: 877. 441. 8903