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Jonathan’s keynote – Taste Like Chicken explores a subject that is rarely talked about except in the most superficial of ways – Prejudice.  Jonathan has appeared in hundreds of performances where critics have called him “mesmerizing”, “ funny”, and “compelling”.  Jonathan allows his audiences to examine their own prejudices without feeling defensive.

Petit Pinson was chosen to be part of a reality adventure TV show on Outdoor Life Network and ABC called “Global Extremes”.  After 5 continents and 2 months in Tibet climbing Mt. Everest, she has returned with an extra awareness of the world around her and challenges others by asking, “What’s Your Summit?”

Doug knows what it is like to grow up poor, to experience life from the sidelines, to overcome being homeless just to be told that he was not college material.  In his keynote, “Homeless to Harvard”, Doug share’s how he is blessed to know what it is like to graduate from college; to be invited to the White House and to graduate from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Justin’s keynote for students “BE YOUnique” is getting rave reviews across the country. This former pro beach volleyball player makes it clear that if your goals become your priority, results will follow. Justin’s educator keynote “EDGE-ucator” encourages, uplifts and challenges your faculty and staff to give what they expect from their students.

Patrick knows how to inspire students to dream big. He's spoken on almost 1000 college campuses and authored the #1 selling book in the world for students and their careers, Major in Success. He's also been interviewed by Barbara Walters and performed at HBO's US Comedy Arts Festival.  His keynote "For Seniors Only" is as real as it gets.

Joe Loya’s public speaking whether to high school or college kids, professional journalists or lawyers, juvenile or adult prisoners is always informed by his own reinvention from convicted bank robber to acclaimed author. He emphasizes that we can always grab hold of grit and optimism to become better members of our communities, whether students, parents, or prisoners trying to imagine a new beginning."

C.J. Walsh, an avid fitness guru and motivator, has been speaking and training people for over five years.  His wit, enthusiasm and dedication champions his message to thousands of young people. His two keynote speeches on Fitness and Winning in Life, will make you laugh, cry and celebrate.  He knows super sizing good health (eating right and exercise) creates the energy you need to live a life you love.

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